Testing with tddspry

tddspry is collection of testcases and additional helpers for testing Django applications with nose library.



On most UNIX-like systems, you’ll probably need to run these commands as root or using sudo.

To install:

python setup.py install

Or via easy_install:

easy_install tddspry

Also, you can retrieve fresh version of tddspry from GitHub:

git clone git://github.com/playpauseandstop/tddspry.git

Bugs and features

We use tddspry in all our projects, so we hope that it hasn’t any bug, but if you really find it - send it to issues tracker on GitHub.

And if tddspry doesn’t support feature needed to you - tell us and we try to add it as soon as possible.



Igor Davydenko < playpauseandstop [at] gmail >,

Volodymyr Hotsyk < gotsyk [at] gmail >


Andriy Khavryuchenko < akhavr [at] gmail >

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